Jefferson's Mardi Gras is comprised of volunteer membership, whose main focus is the creation of several annual events in the Jefferson, Texas area.
     Historically, Mardi Gras was celebrated in Jefferson, Texas back in the 19th century, surely a sign of the city's cultural ties with New Orleans via the waterways of the Big Cypress Bayou, Caddo Lake, Twelve Mile Bayou and the Red River.
     Numerous stories of the parties thrown in Jefferson appear in area newspapers of the day, noting particularly the galas, including the Queen Mab Ball, held in Jefferson, and other events thrown aboard boats plying the waterways between Jefferson, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana.
     When the town's tremendous commerce slowed to a crawl, in the late 1800s, so did much of the city's cultural life. The year 1990, however, marked the rebirth of Jefferson's Mardi Gras celebration, albeit on a slightly smaller scale than the one of today.
     Memberships are available to any interested parties and cost $40/individual and $75/couple which is far less than the thousands of dollars paid by individuals to "play" in the larger Krewes of New Orleans, Mobile, even Shreveport. Jefferson's club is also a bit more relaxed, but if you want to see the group go into action, ask it to host an event.
     The first official event wasn't actually Mardi Gras, but instead the 1989 Jefferson Heritage Triathlon. Funds raised from that race helped support the first Mardi Gras in 1990, and since then, the two events have been most inseparable.